dust-free belt-sanding removes decades of varnish to reveal beautiful wood
graffiti at St Johns Bosco Church caused distress
spray painted slogans shown closer
spray paint close up
graffiti removal in progress showing before vs after
all spray paint removed to the relief of the congregation
Removal at a
local RC Church
Offensive Graffiti at St Johns Bosco Church caused the congregation distress.
Our knowledge of the problem helped us solve it quickly and easily.
Deep Cleaning of
fish fryer is heavily soiled prior to specialist degreasing
built up grease easily removed from fryers
heavy grease build up in cooker hood needs steam cleaning
steam cuts through grease, residues are simultaneously vacuumed away
cooker hood fully cleaned and degreased following steam cleaning
Kitchens require deep cleaning on a regular basis! - Specialist equipment and chemicals made
short work of the grease and grime in this kitchen to the satisfaction of Environmental Health.
Clean and Seal of
Painted Floor in
Packaging Warehouse
painted warehouse floor prior to restoration trial shows dirt, scuffing and tyre marks
Hart staff train client how to clean prior to sealing
trial area after 1st coat of Higloss
finished result in trial area shows great improvement
Packaging companies experience problems with dust, dirt & tyre marks on their painted floors. One-off
Purge Cleaning solved the problem and staff were trained in the correct maintenance techniques
Dimpled Flooring at
a University
pirelli floor is difficult to clean and easily accumulates dirt
overview of pirelli floor prior to renovation
pirelli floor before and after renovation
fully restored pirelli flooring shows great improvement
Dimpled flooring ALWAYS presents a cleaning problem! - The photographs show how the
floor was restored to specification and the finish enhanced with a specialist floor seal.
heavy scuffing from fork and pallet trucks presents floor maintenance problem
vinyl floor trial area prior to problem solving
trial area is cleaned back prior to sealing
trial area showing finished result of cleaning and sealing
Salvage Cleaning
and Sealing of
Vinyl Floor
A major photocopier manufacturer saved many thousands of
pounds by restoring this vinyl floor rather than replacing it!
Renovation of
Stone Tiled Floor
in University Foyer
Built up polish and dirt on stone tile floor hid its beauty
correct stripping methods remove old seal to reveal green tiles
stripped floor before and after sealing
arial view shows sealed and unsealed floor
arial view shows finished result of floor renovation
Built up dirt and polish due to incorrect maintenance methods made this beautiful green
entrance way appear black! The restoration results obtained speak for themselves!
the floor looked super after renovation
after many years of heavy usage, all the varnish had worn off this floor
games lines required re-painting
coloured paint spilled on the floor had penetrated the porous surface and presented a problem
with careful sanding and attention to detail the paint marks were removed
the floor was finished with a  quick drying hard wearing polyurethane seal
Floor Care
Avendale Old Parish Church hall floor without seal presented a floor maintenance challenge!
Skim sanding, re-lining and the application of a high quality finish achieved the desired result.
Concrete Floors are
Bad for Business!
unsealed concrete floor before and after salvage cleaning
upper section shows clean and degreased floor against uncleaned floor in foreground
overview shows cleaned and uncleaned area of concrete warehouse floor
This industrial unit would not rent due to dirty concrete floors.
Hiring a scrubber drier from Hart Total Cleaning SOLVED THE
PROBLEM, leaving the floor ready for a new coat of paint !
Dirt Build-Up in
Pallet Storage Bays
built up dirt, oil and grease makes painted warehouse floor slippery and unsightly
painted warehouse floor following salvage clean trial
dirty painted floor beneath racking causes unhappy clients
floor beneath racking following trial salvage clean shows what can be achieved
Years of built-up dirt CAN be removed - BY YOUR STAFF OR OURS!
Ask us  to show you how free of charge!
Profiled Anti Slip
Flooring Collects
neglected anti slip flooring can lose its safety properties
chewing gum presents a particular cleaning problem
trial area shows how dirt is trapped in the profile of anti-slip floor
close up showing before and after cleaning of anti-slip floor
overview of preliminary cleaning of anti-slip floor
Accident prevention is the reason for installing an anti slip floor ... BUT...
Many Old Wooden
CAN be
heavy build up of seal on church hall floor requires belt-sanding
close up of boards shows chips and scratches requiring belt-sanding
dust-free belt-sanding removes old seal and reveals beautiful wood
belt-sanding removes all varnish and damage and leaves floor ready to seal
polyurethane finish shows a remarkable transformation after belt-sanding
Decades of sealing and re-sealing...?
We solved this problem for a local Parish Church... Ask us for a FREE SURVEY & QUOTATION!
initial belt sanding removes top coats of old varnish
belt-sanding completed, floor ready to seal
close up of belt-sanded boards prior to sealing with polurethane finish
the outstanding result of belt-sanding and polyurethane finish
Saving the Lesser
Hall Floor Too!
Large Warehouse
No Problem!
expansive warehouse requires cleaning and sealing to minimise dust
floors are cleaned with a scrubber drier to remove dirt and dust prior to sealing
sealing concrete floors in warehouses cuts down on dust and allows easier maintenance
sealing painted floors protects and enhances the finish
overview of warehouse floor sealing in progress showing sealed area from racking to unsealed area in immediate foreground
Dirt & Dust Control is easier after cleaning and sealing. BENEFITS?
Oil and Coolant Present
Health & Safety Problems
heavy oil and coolant build up obscures health and safety markings on fabrication workshop floor
scraping floor removes heavy oil and coolant residues prior to trial cleaning
health and safety markings are visible after scraping floor
citrus power and correct cleaning method removes greasy residues and reveals blue floor below
Greasy deposits of oil and coolant in this metal fabricating plant caused slip
hazards and obscured pedestrian walkways. We showed how to return the area
to a safe working environment.
More Cleaning
Health & Safety
dirt build up on floor markings presents health and safety problem
trial cleaning without solvents makes an incredible difference
sealing water based markings protects painted lines
pedestrian walkway lines were difficult to see due to dirt build up
solvent free cleaning in progress
health and safety lines restored
Our customer faced difficulties with health & safety markings in this busy vegetable warehouse: Due to H&S, no
solvent based products could be used. Dirt obscured health and safety markings but the water based paint washed
off when regularly cleaned. Cleaning and sealing the area without solvents prolonged the life of the paint and made
cleaning easier.
Before & After Gallery
of Solved Cleaning Problems
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The Community Centre Floor was lacklustre
Wear and damage on boards
First pass with belt sander
floor sanded ready for primer
sanding off raised grain after primer
Floor restored to a deep shine
Community Centre
Floors in Community Centres are subject to a lot of foot traffic and wear. This customer took action early to have the
floor belt sanded and refinished with a high traffic polyurethane seal.
Can YOU believe the difference?
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