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Trial Clean of
Smooth Acrydur
cumulative dirt build up on showroom floor
trial cleaning shows how the floor can be restored to spec
overview shows shine after cleaning trial
greasy deposits in workshops present a slip hazard
waste water is collected to leave clean, dry & safe floor
appropriate cleaner/degreaser breaks down grime
tyre mark prior to removal process
tyre mark removal in progress
mechanical fluids and tyre marks give floor an unsightly appearance
floor returned to spec
application of chemical solution begins to loosen grime
grey acrydur stair after
red acrydur stair before cleaning
red acrydur floor after cleaning
grime builds up around legs below production line
built up grime after cleaning
cleaning trial area below production line
overview of trial clean shows difference
linotol stair cleaning trial in progress
trial area shows result of initial clean
result of trial shows what can be achieved
church hall floor before renovation
dust free belt sanding in progress
sanding completed ready for Barrier Seal
application of barrier seal
finished result
Graffiti Removal
From Steel
graffiti on corrugated iron building frontage
applying specialist graffiti remover to loosen paint
removing chemical and graffiti with pressure washer
graffiti washes easily away
all graffiti and weeds removed
When vandals defaced the steel frontage of this building the owner was understandably annoyed.
Our Specialists attended quickly to resolve the problem!
Can we show you how to improve the appearance of your terrazzo floors?
terrazzo floor showing before and after trial
Terrazzo & Marble       
trial area shows before and after salvage cleaning
rust stain removed and vinyl restored to specification
rust stain on vinyl under radiator causes annoyance
grey vinyl looks grubby prior to cleaning
Cleaning and
Stain Removal,
Vinyl Floor
Before replacing your stained floor, ask for a FREE DEMONSTRATION of
renovation techniques!
Block Floor
Restoration in
Community Hall
granwood floor needs sanding and sealing
worn granwood floor shows bare patches
belt sanding required to remove old varnish
worn floor restored to specification
overview of the finished result
Belt sanding and re-sealing was the answer to the floor maintenance problems in this
Community Centre!
Cleaning Powdercoated
Walls in Warehouse
powedercoated warehouse wall before and after cleaning with POWERPLUS
powdercoated door before and after cleaning with POWERPLUS
trial clean of warehouse walls shows area cleaned back to specification
Powdercoated  warehouse walls can be rapidly cleaned
Disability Aids
Require Specialist
bath lift contaminated with bath oil, soap scum etc
contaminated lifting mechanism is difficult to clean
cleaned and sanitised bath lift now suitable for re-use
disability aid cleaned and sanitised for return to customer
contaminated bath lift showing before and after specialist cleaning
Dismantling, cleaning, sanitising, reassembly and poly bagging is YOUR ONLY GUARANTEE of
completely clean equipment ready for return to the end user
Salvage Cleaning
Metal Working
milling machine table requires cleaning and degreasing
milling machine table successfully degreased using citrus power
head of milling machine presents a cleaning problem
cleaning problem solved with citrus power
overview of milling machine prior to cleaning
overview of milling machine shows successful salvage cleaning results
We solve cleaning problems for all industries! Our customer needed this milling machine fully degreased for
painting in a steelworks. CITRUS POWER held the answer!
Teaching Floor
a recently renovated floor appears white and powdery
incorrect floor maintenance techniques have left the floor dull
close up shows floor maintenance problem
using the correct floor maintenance techniques makes a huge difference
floor maintenance problem solved through training
Our customer was concerned when their newly renovated floor turned dull and powdery.
We solved the problem easily by showing the correct floor maintenance procedures.
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The smooth Acrydur floor in this vehicle showroom was so contaminated with dirt and grease that
it did the vehicles no justice!
We showed how to turn the problem around using a
Multi Speed Polisher
Cleaning Mechanics
Workshop Floor
Oil, grease and coolants on workshop floors are a potential slip hazard.
Regular cleaning with a
Scrubber Drier has solved the problem for this customer
Tyre Mark
Using powered equipment together with a complementary cleaning product can achieve
remarkable results. Look at how the heavy tyre marks were removed from this area.
Cleaning Slip
Resistant Stairs
Stairs are awkward areas to clean at the best of times and a profiled surface can make dirt
removal even more difficult. Ask how we achieved these results for a Housing Association
Can We Make a
We prefer to carry out an ON-SITE CLEANING TRIAL prior to starting a job.
This allows our customer to see exactly what sort of result can be expected
'Dust Free'
Belt Sanding &
Low Odour Finish
Our belt sanding system for floors is virtually dust free, meaning less to clean up after completion!
Our water based floor varnish gives the same protection without  the strong odour of solvent associated
with traditional finishes. Furthermore, fast drying times allow the application of multiple coats in one day.
Cleaning Below
Production Lines
Cleaning areas below production lines can be hampered by the restricted space and obstacles
such as steel legs. We showed this Food Manufcturer an easy solution!
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safety markings in forklift bay obscured by dirt
footprint indicates degree of soiling from tyres
wet lay of chemical in progress
area after salvage cleaning
before and after
Solving Floor
Problems for
Operation of Forklift trucks always leaves some tyre marking. In this extreme case, safety markings
in the charging bay had been completely obscured.  We showed how to remove the residues.
new vinyl laid in a community centre was dull & vulnerable to damage
sealing the area with Higloss enhanced the appearance and made maintenance easy
corridor pre-sealing
corridor after sealing with Higloss
delicate plaster ceilings were badly discoloured by smoke
we were able to make a drastic improvement
ceiling cleaning before & after
hydraulic platforms allowed us to access the ceilings for cleaning
good for chas l!
good for Hart Total Cleaning and our client!
terrazzo tile in cleansing depot was dirty and lacklustre
trial area shows result of clean and seal
cleaning trial revealed true colour of tile
these terrazzo stairs were a different colour beneath the dirt!
heavy dirt build ups in doorways were a problem in this hostel
floor before and after steam cleaning
window sill prior to cleaning with steam
application of superheated steam at high pressure
safety floor before cleaning
cleaning trial shows result of a single pass
high temperature steam cleaning loosened the stubborn deposits
before and after steam cleaning trial
warehouse floor prior to cleaning works
line painting completed
overview of warehouse with repainted lines & sealed
floor area with new lines and sealed
terrazzo floors are common in bin rooms... try our CHUTE CLEAN!
floor cleaned and repainting of lines in progress
Protecting Vinyl
This community centre saw the benefits of Higloss for their vinyl floors -
Enhanced Appearance, Easy Maintenance & Sacrificial protection
We were called upon to tackle the painstaking task of cleaning the ceiling
at Chatelherault after fire damage.
Removing graffiti from brick walls is made simple with 3M graffiti removal
More Graffiti
Ask us to conduct a small trial on your problem floor areas...
look at the difference we made to the terrazzo tile at this Cleansing Depot
Cleaning &
Sealing Terrazzo
Steam Cleaning
Vinyl Floors
Housekeeping staff at this homeless persons unit did not know how to
break down built up grime in doorways.
Steam Cleaning provided a solution
Steam is a truly amazing universal cleaner. Look how well it
stripped staining from this window sill.
Removing Dirt
From Safety
Stubborn dirt lodges itself in the profile of safety floors.
We can show how to clean back to spec!
Warehouse Bay
Poor cleaning practices by the previous tenant left the new warehouse manager with a real problem.
We showed how to clean & degrease the area prior to repainting the lines and sealing the area to
minimise dust.
this vinyl floor from altro was scratched & damaged during construction works
close up shows scuffs and scratches on vinyl
our before and after trial showed how the appearance could be improved
trial area after cleaning & sealing - LOOK AT THE REFLECTION!
overview of before vs after cleaning & sealing
Damaged Vinyl