hand towel dispensers
dust control - microfibre dusters attract and retain dust
Janitorial Products
janitorial supplies scotland TWINE SOCKET MOP
janitorial supplies scotland - kentucky mops
kentucky mops - microfibre mops hold 8 times their weight in dirt & moisture
cleaning & hygiene supplies, scotland - cellulose mop can be autoclaved
cleaning & hygiene - colour coded flat mopping buckets
cleaning & hygiene supplies, scotland - flat mopping systems
janitorial supplies, scotland - flat mopping refills
janitorial supplies scotland - colour coded buckets
polypropylene and polyester construction prevents harbouring of bacteria
cleaning & hygiene scotland - colour coded hygiene brushware
sweeping brushes - ergonomic brushware from Hart Total Cleaning
janitorial supplies - colour coded dustpan & brush sets
 janitorial supplies scotland - mop buckets and wringer buckets
dust control for large floors - dust beaters
cleaning & hygiene supplies - colour coded stockinette cloths
cleaning & hygiene supplies - colour coded microfibre cloths
janitorial supplies - colour coded swing bins
 air fresheners - metred aerosol dispensers for freshened air 24/7
washroom supplies - kleen mist air freshener refills
litter pickers make litter collection safer
janitorial supplies - soap dispensers
washroom supplies - toilet roll dispensers
Socket Mops & Mop Buckets
Kentucky Mops & Wringers
Cellulose Mops
All in one solution to  minor mopping
Genuine cellulose sponge, handle with
integrated roller wringer.
Autoclavable & easy to maintain.
Microfibre Mops
and hygienic cleaning.
Fully washable/autoclavable - up to 300 washes
Colour coded cut-off tab system
microfibre mops for superior dirt removal
Flat Mopping Systems
Looped cotton or
Microfibre heads.
Choose from a range of
buckets or use with a
cleaners trolley or cart
An essential part of your cleaning hardware!
All plastic folding signs.
"Caution Wet Floor" on one face and "Cleaning in
Progress" on reverse.
Other warnings available.
Dustpan &
Dustpan with long
handle. Long
handled lobby
brush snaps on to
handle clip for
Litter seems to be a universal problem!
From basic bins for everyday use to more
restaurants etc, we have a solution for
We also supply bin bags, litter pickers and
exterior wall mounting ashtrays.
including metered aerosol
units for dispensed fragrance
24/7 at an effective level of
Washroom Dispensers
Attractive dispensers for washroom systems - Soap, shampoo,
shower gel etc;Hand Towels; Toilet Rolls, Bulk Pack Toilet
Dustpan & Brush Sets
Mopping Systems
Tough & durable, non-porous 100%
polypropylene body with polyester filament
prevents harbouring of bacteria.
Fully autoclavable at 130 centigrade or
immersible for short periods in boiling water.
Dust Control
dust control - V sweepers are lightweight, efficient and quick
dust control - dust maid hand held dusters
janitorial supplies - Dusting solutions for venetian blinds
microfibre - clean behind radiators!
Lightweight, efficient and easy to use.
Easy to launder heads attract and hold dust and light debris.
Excellent for large, smooth floors
Hand Held Dusters
Solutions for all your dusting needs!
Tradition acrylic & lambswool designs or new Microfibre systems.
Cloths, Sponges & Scourers
Stockinette Cloths
Supplied in packs of 10 individual
Microfibre Cloths
40cm x 40cm Colour
coded microfibre cloths
with incredible dirt
attracting and retaining
Washable up to 90
Supplied in packs of 10
individual cloths
janitorial supplies - 3M sponges and scourers
Scourers and Sponges
Abrasive and delicate surface
scourers and scouring sponges.
Colour coded options available.
Litter Control
dustbins - drop shot bin
waste bins - attractive bins for offices, restaurants, etc
cleaning supplies - pedal bins
wall mounted exterior ashtray
washroom supplies - Urinal screens with 30 day deodorant
janitorial supplies - Toilet brush & bowl
janitorial supplies - PDCB free channel cubes
Channel Cubes
Combat unpleasant
smells associated
with urinals
Channel cubes are
PDCB free
Toilet Brush
& Bowl Sets
brooms & dustpans, cloths, sponges & scourers, cleaning trolleys, waste bins & litter
pickers, washroom products & dispensers, floor pads, carpet bonnets &
cleaning chemicals.

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